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Ficus Benjamina from Houston Interior Plants
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Ficus Benjamina Tree

- Botanical name: Ficus Benjamina
- Grow pot size: 14" 
- Beautiful braided trunk
Plant only, container sold separately.
Probably the most used indoor tree ever! Very popular in office settings in the 80's and 90's, ficus benjaminas are now less used probably due to the arrival of other tree varieties and other ficus as well.

Designer advice: Very versatile, the ficus can be used anywhere and in many decor as long as it gets the necessary light. The container in which you place it will dictate the style you give it. Place it in a rattan basket and it will look great in an enclosed back porch or sunroom. Place it in a tall slender container and use it in contemporary settings, in a China bowl it will become the perfect plant for the wood paneled corner office.

Average overall size24/32" wide 60/72" Tall 

For help or additional information, call Gloria at 713-864-1802 (Regular business hours) or Email her your question or phone number.  View & Print Ficus Benjamina Care Sheet.

 Delivery & Installation. Buy your Ficus Benjamina online and get the convenience of our great service!  (See Shipping policy for more details) 

  • $99 purchase & over:Free Delivery inside Beltway 8
  • Under $99 purchase : $14.99 inside Beltway 8
  • $199 purchase & over:Free Delivery outside Beltway 8 within our zip code delivery zone
  • Under $199 purchase: $24.99 outside Beltway 8 but within our zip code delivery zone


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