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About Us

Who are we?

We are a division of Greencare Interior Plants.

Opened in 2002, Greencare is a family owned and operated interiorscape company located in Houston, TX. We service commercial and residential customers, selling or leasing a beautiful selection of indoor plants and containers. We also provide professional weekly maintenance.

Being in the plant industry, we realize how difficult it can be to find premium interior plants in traditional stores and nurseries here in Houston. Often times the quality is lacking - plants can be sitting in the heat for too long, or they may not always be properly maintained by the stores. As a result, it can be easy to purchase a product without realizing that it has already passed its prime.

Selection can also be a challenge. Finding a specific plant you have in mind can require driving around town, and you might even end up going home empty handed (not to mention incredibly hot)!

Why Houston Interior Plants?

Through our parent company, Greencare Interior Plants, we maintain ongoing relationships with the best growers in the country. We are able to bring you the highest quality and widest selection of plants by importing them directly from Florida and California.

We also provide the delivery and installation of your plants in your home or business. Plants are fragile and often times bulky and heavy. We are plant pros! We know how to correctly handle, transport and properly install them, making them easier for you to care for.

You get the convenience of online shopping, and we take care of the rest! From the shipping and delivery to setting up your plant and container purchase in your home or business, we've got you covered.