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How Do I Choose The Right Pot?


How do I choose the right pot for my plants?

Choosing the right pot or decorative container is very important and can sometimes be a challenge. The look of your plant will greatly depend on what pot it is set in. In fact, the style you want your plant to give mostly depends on its pot. The same plant set in a rattan basket or in a slick tall pot will have 2 completely different looks, one will fit in a natural, organic setting and the other in a contemporary one.

1. Size

It is important to differentiate the grow pot in which every plant comes in from the decorative pot or container you will set your plant in.

The first thing to look at is the grow pot size. The most standard sizes are 6", 8", 10", 14" and 17" for very large plants. To make it easier we have selected the 3 most common ones: 6" for small plants set on furniture, such as a table or countertop, 10" for small to mid-size floor plants and 14" for mid-size to larger floor plants.

As a result, our decorative pot selection is also meant to fit those same 3 sizes.

Each of our decorative pots or containers clearly indicates what grow pot size it will accommodate. Our plants also indicate the grow pot size they come in.

If you already own plants, make sure to measure the diameter of the plastic grow pot before selecting a decorative container.

2. Style & Color

Where are your plants going and what is the style of the design and decor in which they will be?

We have divided our container styles in 4 sections: Loft, Home, Office and Public Spaces. For now, we have selected a few containers only among the hundreds available on the market. They are the one we use and sell most. We keep looking for new designs and will update our selection on a regular basis.

If you have a traditional decoration, the Aegean or China Bowl might be a good choice.
If you have a loft or contemporary setting, look for the tall trendy pots such as the Barcelona.

Barcelona Container

Currently trending. Good for a modern look.
Loft Collection

View Product Page

Popular colors have been Silver, Black or Espresso. Lately the White has made a come back.

Look at the color schemes in which you plan on setting your plants and decide if you would rather match, complement or create a contrast with the existing wall and furniture colors.

3. Budget

Containers can be very pricey, but fortunately there are containers for all budgets. Ceramic containers, once the most popular but also the most expensive, have now been replaced with much more economical fiberglass containers. The look is the same, but the weight is minimal, drastically cutting shipping costs and lowering retail prices by 30% or more.

If you are on a tight budget look for our EconoLine or the great value of the Lechuza Collections.

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