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TOP 10 Best Indoor Plants


Here is a list of what we think are the best interior plants in 10 different categories or settings.

#1 Best Office Plant

Hawaiian Lisa Cane

Easy to place, easy to care, long living

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#2 Best House Plant

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Definitely trendy, adds character to any room, easy care.

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#3 Best Air-Cleansing Plant

Areca Palm

Put it in your bedroom for sweet dreams

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#4 Best Plant For Any Light

ZZ Plant

Performs great in low, medium or high light

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#5 Best Ease-Of-Care Plant

Mother-in-Law's Tongue

Water once a month will keep it happy for many years.

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#6 Best Indoor Palm

Large Kentia Palm

Always gorgeous and elegant.

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#7 Most Original & Unique Plant

Bambusa Vulgaris

Even your coolest friends don't have one.

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#8 Best Gift Plant

Ficus Benjamina Tree

An old time favorite.

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#9 Best Tropical Look

Bird of Paradise

The name says it all.

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#10 Best Value Plant

Schefflera Amate (also called Umbrella Tree)

Lots of green for your money.

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